We offer up to 0.20% hourly profit forever with lucrative terms

The main principles are that you will need only ฿0.001 to join and you will be able to earn up to 0.20% every hour. Interest is added to your account balance after every hour from the time you made the deposit. Your deposit will provide interest to your account balance as long for as its active and until you withdraw it (with a 5% release fee). You can collect your available account balance by visiting the withdrawal section.

0.15%Hourly Profit
0.00100000 BTCMinimum Amount
0.49999999 BTCMaximum Amount
0.16%Hourly Profit
0.50000000 BTCMinimum Amount
2.49999999 BTCMaximum Amount
0.17%Hourly Profit
2.50000000 BTCMinimum Amount
9.99999999 BTCMaximum Amount
0.18%Hourly Profit
10.00000000 BTCMinimum Amount
49.99999999 BTCMaximum Amount
0.19%Hourly Profit
50.00000000 BTCMinimum Amount
99.99999999 BTCMaximum Amount
0.20%Hourly Profit
100.00000000 BTCMinimum Amount
UnlimitedMaximum Amount

Calculate your profit before making an investment

Try entering different amounts and you will see how much you'll earn.
The more you invest, the higher the interest rate is!

Flare Max Selected Plan
0.00001500 BTC Hourly Profit
1.27300500 BTC Total Profit
3.46000000 BTC Total Return
Hourly Profit

Now when we have introduced our offer and, if you find it attractive, it's time to open an account at Storoj Mining which is completely free of charge and takes just a few seconds.

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